Creation of Economic Lifeline for the Nation through Coastal & Maritime Development
(This is a follow-up conference of Maritime India Summit 2016, Mumbai)

  The seminar is postponed for 2nd week of June 2017. The exact date will be intimated shortly. Please register yourself at your earliest to confirm your place...  
  Organizing Chairman:  
  Prof. Sushil  
  Deputy Director (Operations)  
  IIT Delhi  
  Organizing Co-Chairman:  
  Shri Rabindra Agarwal, IAS  
  Joint Secretary  
  Ministry of Shipping, GOI  
  Organizing Co-Chairman:  
  Shri Rajesh Tripathi  
  Chairman & MD  
  Organizing Secretary:  
  Prof. Dr. GVR Shastri
  Chairman, CIDC  

Seminar Brochure
(Postponed for June 2017)

The seminar will focus towards enhancing the ports capabilities by doing the integration of our major and minor ports across our coastline and will address the key innovations in our dredging sector. Having experienced fast paced growth of GDP in India, there is a sustainable and long term growth evident in its trade trends. The volumes of domestic and international trade are witnessing rapid expansion. These have increased the traffic volumes in ports and shipping sector over last few years. The growth curve will most likely continue till the middle of another term and India will continue attracting capital inflow within the infrastructure and manufacturing units globally. Trade mergers with South Asian, South East Asia, China, U.S., and Europe are going to get strengthened further. The growth of trade will result in additional requirement of ports and shipping sector for India.
The estimates of ministry of shipping state- about 95 percent by volume and 70 percent through value are conducted using maritime transport. There are 12 major ports and 187 not very major ports in India and they saw 1,052 million metric tonnes (MMT) of cargo traffic in 2015, expected to reach around 1,758 MMT by 2017. Maritime shipping and ports play a huge role in the protection of ports industry. Its automatic route for construction of harbour and ports and their maintenance allows cent percent (100%) foreign direct investment (FDI). Those companies that manufacture; maintain and work on inland ports and waterways are provided tax freedom for 10 years by the Indian Government.
Coastal Economic Growth Model